Meeting & Events

We offer a range of tools to plan, make a booking and manage the event in impeccable fashion!

At Regalia, we understand that planning a business/corporate event is hard work and to make it easier /. Regalia caters to a variety of activities including, board meetings, seminars, workshops, training sessions, corporate events, conferences, and product launches. All our meeting places are equipped with state-of-the-art technological accessories, high-speed internet, and high-definition video displays to ensure optimal presentations.

The Mahogany Board Room

It has never been more significant to connect with colleagues, clients, or partners in a more profound and meaningful way. Whatever the agenda, The Royal Oak Boardroom is ideal for top-tier corporate meetings.

That’s why IRH Royal Oak Boardroom has the meeting experience, elegant design, virtual technology, and a solid commitment to health and safety, to enrich every meeting and event with human connection, wherever in the world, your attendees may be.


          Corporate Board Room Setup

          Mineral Water
          11 Persons Capacity

          75" HD LED Screen


The Royal Oak Boardroom

Whatever the agenda, The Royal Oak Boardroom is ideal for top-tier corporate meetings.

The ultimate experience for meetings and incentives-transform an entire IRH Royal Oak Boardroom into your own and ensure the highest level of personalization, privacy, and exclusive access to amenities, to ensure every guest leaves feeling individually recognized.


          Corporate board room setup

          Mineral water

          Notepads & pens
          17 Persons capacity

          75" HD LED screen


Executive Lounge

Inspirational spaces designed to adopt creativity, improvement innovation, and compensation, our collection of outstanding Private Retreats Meeting provide solitude and exclusivity, offering themselves to productive work sessions in a comfortable setting, team-building activities, or as a convenient hospitality suite.

         Comfortable setting

            Small mini buffet

          Laptop and printer accessibility
          10+ Persons capacity

          Tea and assortments

The Duo : Ivory & Pearl

Regalia’s banquet halls ( Ivory & Pearl ) are perfect for larger gatherings accommodating up to 160 people in each hall. Whether it’s a seminar, training event, or product launch, Ivory & Pearl is ideally situated to meet your needs. Both halls open in the main lobby and offer additional ‘ meet & greet ‘ spaces outside the halls.

          10 - 150 Persons capacity

          Banquet setup

            Notepads & pens
          Buffet setup

          Audiovisual setup

The Mirror : Ruby & Zircon

Need an even bigger place? Look no further-Regalia has it covered. Please choose Regalia’s Ruby & Zircon halls which can accommodate up to 400 people. These halls may be used individually or together, depending on your unique event needs.

          10 - 225 Persons Capacity

          Banquet Setup
          Buffet Setup

          Multimedia Screen