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Meetings And Conferences

We offer a range of tools to plan, make a booking, and manage the event in an impeccable fashion.

At Regalia, we understand that planning a business/corporate event is hard work and to make it easier, we offer a range of tools to plan, make a booking, and manage the event in an impeccable fashion. Regalia caters for a variety of activities including, board meetings,seminars, workshops, training sessions, corporate events, conferences, and product launches. All our meeting places are equipped with state-of-the-art technological accessories, high-speed internet, and high definition video displays to ensure optimal presentations.

The Mahogany Boardroom

Regalia’s Mahogany Boardroom offers a modern, comfortable and cozy setup for executive meetings. The Mahogany can accommodate a meeting of up to 18 persons. The boardroom is soundproof with swanky wall paneling and plenty of defused sunlight through an elegantly crafted glass panel ceiling.

The Royal Oak Boardroom

Whatever the agenda, The Royal Oak Boardroom is ideal for top tier corporate meetings. The boardroom offers a 75” HD LED screen, soundproof wall paneling, a Victorian-style ceiling offering plenty of defused sunlight and a seating capacity of 25 persons.

The Duo: Ivory & Pearl

Regalia’s banquet halls (Ivory & Pearl) are perfect for larger gatherings accommodating up to 160 people in each hall. Whether it’s a seminar, training event or product launch, Ivory and Pearl are ideally situated to meet your needs. Both halls open in the main lobby and offer additional ‘meet and greet’ space outside the halls.

The more, the merrier: Ruby and Zircon

Need an even bigger place? Look no further – Regalia has it covered. Please choose Regalia’s Ruby and Zircon halls that can accommodate up to 400 people. These halls may be used individually or together, depending on your unique event needs.